Cold-Pressed CBD Oil

A 100% natural and eco-friendly way to enjoy the plant

* Pressed in the UK

Cold-pressed: what does it mean?

There are several ways to extract the Cannabis sativa L. substances. Through them, many Cannabis-based products are manufactured every day around the world.

Most extractions require heat or chemical solvents that, unfortunately, generate toxic waste, which is harmful to people and nature.

Among all extraction techniques, the cold-pressed method is considered one of the most natural and eco-friendly ones.

Unlike other brands and products, Happy Hemper is committed to human and environmental well-being in its entirety. And we believe Cold-Pressed has the most to offer when it comes to taking CBD as it retains all the plants natural properties. That's why we chose the cold-pressed method to manufacture our products, including our CBD oil.

Thus, our customers have access to the best in the cannabis universe, tasting and appreciating the intact terpenes and flavonoids, vitamins, minerals and omegas.

Check how cold-pressed extraction happens

Step 1: The plant is grown with all the necessary care

Step 2: The leaves and seeds are ground or cut into small pieces

Step 3: All the material is placed in a pressing machine

Step 4: They are then compressed at a very low temperature

Step 5: This process crushes the plant matter and releases the CBD oil

Unlock the
power of nature

When should one use
cold-pressed CBD oil?

When you feel
tired or stressed

If you have

To improve your
sleep cycle

To relieve symptoms
and body aches

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How to use
cold-pressed CBD oil?

Drop desired amount
under the tongue

Mix it into moisturisers
and apply to the skin

Add it to
food or drinks

Happy people who already use Happy Hemper Cold-Pressed Oil

United Kingdom1, 2021
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"Great wee box of high quality products to introduce you to the wonders CBD. Well presented, sustainable packaging and a good selection of products to try. I particularly liked the CBD heat rub which I find help with aches and pains."
Elaine McNeill
United Kingdom
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"Great selection of cbd products. In my opinion good value. Box was well packaged. I would highly recommend this subscription box. Would make a great gift."
Mo Plume
United Kingdom
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"Absolutely love Happy Hemper! Wonderful and varied selection in every box. Lovely packaging and a great vibe from the staff! 10/10"
United Kingdom
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"Bought the CBD oil, anti blemish cream and SOS night cream and absolutely love them all. The creams have worked wonders for my acne prone skin. CBD oil is great quality. Even tried applying it topically to skin which really helped calm my bad breakouts. Fabulous customer service. Always happy to answer any queries. I would highly recommend this shop! Will be back."
United Kingdom
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"Product arrived swiftly. Still waiting to see if it works for my pain"
United Kingdom
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"The order arrived super quick. I am very happy with oil and will be back for more."
Graham Drysdale
United Kingdom
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"Quality CBD products. Thier CBD heat rub is tremendous! Me and my partner both swear by it. I also put their own Happy Hemper cold pressed oil in my morning coffee and feel it settles me and helps me focus. Great wee company with first class customer service."
United Kingdom
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"Thanks for my delivery!absolutely love the products and service from happy hemper highly recommend trying some of these products if you haven't already ..keep up the good work guys."
Becki F
United Kingdom3, 2021
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"Over the moon with my first Happy Hemper box! Really impressed with all the products included, especially the CBD heat balm and the Green Stems bath bomb! As a jiu jitsu practitioner, I can attest these products have really helped soothe sore muscles after training and helped me relax honestly I had the best night’s sleep the night I used the bath bomb! Also, the box itself is so cute and everything arrived safe and well in all biodegradable packaging. Good job Hempers."
United Kingdom
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"Great service and products from a local to us company! Anyone struggling with sleep the CBD capsules are great. I'd also recommend the CBD balm to anyone struggling with injuries."
Kirsty Anne
United Kingdom
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"Great products at a great price! Love the variety and cbd has helped me so much! The hemper team are so knowledgeable and helpful! 10 stars!"
United Kingdom
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"Great products at a great price! The subscription boxes are a good way to try different CBD products and see what works best for you :)"

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