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Cannabis and Sustainability: A Seed of Hope for a Greener Future

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Imagine a world where a single plant can revolutionise our approach to sustainability.

In addition to the instant health benefits, today we want to talk about the ecological and social perspective of the billion-dollar CBD industry, one of the main compounds extracted from Cannabis and which is growing at an impressive rate around the world.

After all, have you ever stopped to think about whether what is natural is automatically environmentally friendly? Or if the impact of a product goes beyond what you see on the packaging?

As CBD is becoming increasingly popular, addressing these issues has never been more important.

In this blog, we will be onto a journey full of scientific discoveries and fascinating innovations surrounding Cannabis and CBD.

In addition, you will discover how this plant, often embroiled in controversy, is creating a new path towards sustainable practices, product innovations and a more circular and ecological economy.

So, let’s get to it!

First Things First: What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is a word that resonates a lot these days, but what does it really mean?

In short, it refers to the possibility of meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

At the heart of sustainability is the balance between the environment, economy and society. It’s like a tripod: if one of its parts is short, the whole system becomes unstable.

Thus, the ESG concept appears widely adopted by companies today. And, it refers to three essential pillars:

  • Environmental: This pillar involves practices that directly impact the planet. We are thinking about reducing the carbon footprint, waste management, biodiversity conservation and energy efficiency.
  • Social: The focus here is on people. This includes everything from fair treatment of company employees to commitment to the community and consumers. It also includes aspects such as human rights, diversity and inclusion.
  • Governance: Governance refers to a company’s leadership, internal policies, ethics, and transparency. Good governance is essential to ensure that environmental and social practices are implemented effectively and fairly.

As we apply the ESG  concept to the CBD industry, we begin to see a broader picture.

In other words, it’s not just about growing hemp in an environmentally friendly way, it’s also about how CBD companies treat their employees, customers and the community at large, and how they do their operations and make decisions in an ethical and transparent manner.

Understanding sustainability through an ESG lens helps us more comprehensively assess whether the CBD industry is truly contributing to a more sustainable future. 

What is the Role of CBD in Sustainability?

1. CBD in Regenerative Agriculture

The story of CBD sustainability begins in its cultivation phase.

After all, hemp, being a fast-growing crop, is excellent for crop rotation, helping to keep the soil healthy and rich in nutrients.

Additionally, it demands little water and requires limited use of fertilisers and pesticides, making it an environmentally sound crop.

The plant is also known for its ability to clean toxins from the soil – a process known as phytoremediation and is effective in removing carbon from the air, contributing to the purification of the environment.While hemp harvesting has its impacts, they are comparable to those of other crops.

2. Waste Reduction with Full Use of the Plant

cannabis - happy hemper

The sustainability of cannabidiol is linked to the efficient use of Cannabis.

After all, practically all parts of hemp can be used – the flowers, seeds and stem.

This “zero waste” approach maximises plant utility and minimises environmental impact.

Here at Happy Hemper, for example, our oil is Full Spectrum, which means that no part is discarded at the time of extraction.


3. CBD and Eco-Friendly Products

In addition to its sustainable production, CBD is also being incorporated into a range of products on the market.

As you already know, it can be used in cosmetics, edibles, hygiene products and even clothing.

Therefore, the more it is used in formulations that are not only beneficial to the body, but also kind to the environment, the better!

Many CBD companies are prioritising recyclable packaging and manufacturing processes that reduce carbon emissions or the use of toxicants and solvents.

This is the case with the cold-pressed process adopted by our company. After all, unlike most other forms, we don’t apply heat or chemicals to extract the oil from the plant.

This way, we avoid the generation of toxic waste and pollutants in the environment.


4. Social Impact of CBD

Sustainability also addresses social impact. 

Therefore, hemp cultivation and CBD production are not harmful to society, but, on the contrary, bring benefits, such as reducing pain and suffering, promoting a better quality of life.

Consequently, consumers play an active role in promoting sustainability, preferring brands and products that are reliable, safe, high quality and certified by the main local institutions. 

Cold-Pressed CBD By Happy Hemper

From all this information, we can conclude that being “natural” does not automatically guarantee being “environmentally friendly”.

And, the responsibility for taking care of the planet must come from both the industry and its consumers.

In this scenario, you can count on our CBD products. After all, as you saw previously, they are fully aligned with a responsible and sustainable lifestyle.

By choosing the cold-pressed extraction method, we guarantee that our oil, body balm and gummies maintain all the natural properties of the plant.

This means that you will have access to products rich in terpenes and flavonoids, vitamins, minerals and omegas, preserving their natural flavour and benefits.

By making choices that respect human health and environmental integrity, each of us contributes to a world where well-being and sustainability go hand in hand.


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