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6 spring activities you need to do with your family

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Looking for spring activities to enjoy as a family?

Now that Winter is gone, the new season brings with it longer days, blooming flowers, scents and colours pleasing to the senses and, of course, much milder temperatures.

With all this, it is impossible not to awaken the desire to spend more time outdoors with the ones we love, right?

Being aware of this opportunity to have fun as a family, we will present some ideas for outdoor activities in Spring.

Thus, the whole family can enjoy the arrival of the most flowery time of the year.

Spring Activities: Tips for Enjoying the Outdoors

1. Plan a treasure hunt in the garden

Treasure hunts are an exciting outdoor activity to get kids engaged, and its preparation is super easy!

First, choose a theme to guide the game, like the pirate’s treasure hunt, for example. Then define the rules of the game and create challenging clues that lead to the treasure.

Oh! Don’t forget to hide the clues well and choose an amazing prize for the winner.

You can increase the difficulty of the game depending on the age of the children involved.

2. Prepare a family picnic 

Enjoy the sun, the outdoors and the flowers by going to parks and flower gardens, while sharing a delicious family picnic.

And, don’t think that the activity ends there!

To make this springtime activity even more interesting, think of other things you can do.

For example, relax in the sun, feel the cool breeze, play frisbee with your pet, play a musical instrument or read a good book.

3. Photos of the outdoors 

children taking pictures outside - happy hemper

Recording family moments can be a super fun and rewarding activity.

In a few years you will be able to revisit these memories and remember how happy you were.

Also, starting the practice of amateur photography can bring out the artist that lives in you or one of your family members.

Who knows, practice becomes a recurring hobby or even a profession?

Therefore, our tip is: choose a trail or an outdoor park, find a place with a beautiful landscape and let nature inspire your photos.

Gather the family and make amazing memories while having fun outdoors.

4. Discover new places by cycling 

By bicycle, you, your friends and family can explore the whole city or some corner of nature!

Every ride is a new opportunity to find parks, trails and landscapes to create amazing memories. 

And don’t forget to mark your favorite places on the map to visit again or share with other adventurers.

5. Home camping

home camping - happy hemper

This is one we as a family will be doing a lot of this summer and we can’t wait!

In addition to being a fun and healthy activity, you can still create unforgettable memories without leaving home.

During the camp, build a fire and enjoy delicious marshmallows with your children and partner.

Take a moment to gaze at the stars and tell children stories from your childhood.

And, if you don’t have a spacious enough yard, don’t worry! Look for campsites or other safe spaces outside your home to do this activity.

6. Home Highland Games

As good Scots, we couldn’t start with any other outdoor activity than the Highland Games!

Did you know that Happy Hemper has been officially invited to participate in the Highland Games at Knock Park in 2023? Knock Park is a community owned recreational area, nestled above the west coast village of Lochaline. Overlooking the hills of Mull and Morvern and is to home to one of the most scenic Highland Games in Scotland.

This means we will have the opportunity to finally meet in person! Not to mention, our full range of products and boxes will be on display.

But let’s get to the games!

The Highland Games kick off Gala Week in a stunning rural setting.

Attractions include: Sports for all ages Cultural activities Food

And much, much more! It’s a great day out for the whole family!

We decided to innovate by adapting these famous outdoor activities into a version that can be done at home.

Check it out:



Swap the heavy rocks for old socks.

To make the activity more challenging, fill them with sand.

Thus, each participant must hold the sock’s mouth and swing it back and forth before throwing it as far as possible.

Tug-of-war with a rope

Take a strong rope and organize a tug-of-war between two teams.

Fun is sure for kids and the whole family.

You can also reward the team that wins the competition.

Obstacle race

Create a course with improvised obstacles such as cones, boxes or barrels.

Then challenge participants to run as fast as possible dodging obstacles.

Outdoor activities: indispensable for a healthy life

As you can imagine, contact with nature is beneficial for health in many ways.

Check some of them:

  • Exposure to the sun helps with the production of vitamin D, which is important for improving mood, bone health and the immune system.
  • Nature has a calming effect on the mind and body, reducing symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress.
  • Increasing physical activity improves cardiovascular health and muscle strength, as well as increases sleep quality.
  • Nature promotes connection and belonging, as well as moments of fun and relaxation, important for emotional and general well-being.

CBD: drops of connection with nature

CBD daily - happy hemper

To be able to fulfill your day-to-day commitments and still enjoy nature in its essence, you can count on a little help.

We’re talking about boosting outdoor activities with cannabidiol. After all, the substance is perfect for several factors, such as:

  • Muscle recovery after physical activity
  • Stress and anxiety relief
  • Nutritional supplements for food

Generally, people who cultivate a healthy lifestyle and live in harmony with nature, prefer to use natural and organic products to take care of their health.

Thus, CBD is a natural option that can be part of these moments of connection and respect for nature.

In the Happy Hemper boxes, you will find several options for CBD-based products, such as oils, body balm and edibles.

This way, you can feel your body showing signs of well-being from the inside out and make the most of your moments outdoors.

Now are you ready to get your hands on a Hemper!?


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