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What is 4/20 and how it has become one symbol of the cannabis culture

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4/20 is a very important day for the cannabis community around the world! It is a date of celebration, protests and discussions about the legalisation of weed.

You are our guest to travel the history and origin of 4/20, as well as learn about some of the most important and iconic events happening in the UK and around the world.

Plus, we have prepared some super special tips for you to celebrate it in whatever way you like. So, are you ready to get into it?

Let’s go?

Origin of 4/20: what is known about the history of the date?

There are a few theories about the origin of 4/20. And, believe it or not, they have even generated some disputes about which version is, in fact, the real one.  

The best known (and accepted) one is that of the students in the 70s who found a map which supposedly indicated the location of a marijuana plantation. 

They, who gathered at 4:20 in the afternoon to unravel the paths of the map, never found the “treasure”. 

However, the time was marked: they always smoked marijuana at 4.20am, which made the number become a secret code that quickly spread to other groups.

Over time, the term became so popular that it ended up being printed and explained in a leaflet by the Grateful Dead, as well as receiving a special article in High Times magazine.

From then on, April 20 became an emblematic day for cannabis users and advocates. 

Celebration and activism: 4/20 in the UK and around the world

The Marijuana Day is synonymous with celebration and activism all over the world!

In countries where its use is allowed, festivals are a great opportunity to have fun with friends.

Meanwhile, in other places, the fight for legalisation is taken seriously with protests and awareness events. 

Our team has researched and gathered the most amazing events for you to check out:

1. Amsterdam – “Marijuana Day”

marijuana day - 4/20 - happy hemper

If you are a fan of the lifestyle that Cannabis sativa L. provides, Amsterdam is a must! 

The place is simply perfect to celebrate Marijuana Day and experience the whole cannabis culture! 

The city is famous for its coffee shops and cannabis establishments that organise amazing events for this special date, such as workshops and lectures about the plant.

Also, many of these establishments offer samples of different varieties of cannabis and cannabis products. Cool, right?

Now, the most popular activity in the city is the Marijuana Parade, which brings together cannabis activists and supporters in protests for the easing of restrictions and for the non-prohibition of cannabis consumption. 

And, believe me, the event has even had the presence of Rihanna! Yes, the queen was there!

Denver – 420 on The Block

Now let me tell you about another great spot to celebrate “420”!

In Colorado, the capital of marijuana, the city is buzzing with amazing events that last for a whole week! 

The main festival is simply amazing, with shows by famous artists like Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg, which excite the crowd of over 100,000 people. 

And, there’s more: workshops, cannabis cooking classes, film screenings and lots of other cool activities! 

By the way, if you want to buy a lot of cannabis products, there are plenty of options.

It’s a party that will get you in the mood!

London – Hyde Park

Hyde Park is one of the biggest and liveliest parks in London! 

Besides its green areas, lakes, gardens and fountains, it hosts amazing events throughout the year, including the famous “420 London”!

This event is organised by cannabis legalisation activists and offers live music, speeches and the sale of cannabis-related products. 

But, beware. Although the event is celebratory, marijuana is still illegal in the UK.

In other words, this is, above all, a space for demonstration.

Myrtle Edwards Park – Seattle Hempfest

If you’re looking for a cannabis party that unites activism and celebration, Seattle Hempfest is your place!

Since 1991, the festival has been organised by activists for the cause and has welcomed thousands of people who support it, such as industry professionals.

The event features concerts, talks by experts and activists, cannabis-related films and sales of related products.

All this in a peaceful and relaxed environment. Thus, Hempfest is a unique and memorable experience.

What about you, what are you planning for your 4/20?

happy hemper subscribe boxes - happy hemper

We have prepared some special tips for you to celebrate Marijuana Day with responsibility and care!

  • Events and festivals – you can look up how Marijuana Day is celebrated in your city! It is common for them to organise music concerts, marches, rallies and fairs,
  • Happy Hemper is ubiquitous! – celebrate 4/20 by enjoying the benefits of receiving a box full of CBD products without leaving home. 

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  • Learn and debate – attend rallies, lectures or workshops organised by activists and experts. Take advantage of the moment to raise awareness on the issue.

Did you enjoy learning about 4/20? 

Now that you know about the history, origin and festivities, it’s time to celebrate! Don’t forget to share with us how your day was!

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