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Female Hemp plant: understand why it is so special

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Did you know that the female hemp plant is the most valuable one for producing several medicines, oils, lotions, and creams made from CBD? 

The Cannabis sativa L. plant has become more and more popular, especially for its components’ impact on people’s health and wellness.

Therefore, most people don’t know that cannabis has spontaneously evolved through reproduction along with its existence. 

Another curiosity is that it is not an only-one-gender plant, as it is divided into male, female, and even hermaphrodites. 

Today we will show you how to identify and differentiate them. Besides that, you will learn what is the impact on cannabidiol production and other nutrients. 

How to differentiate hemp plants? 

In order to identify the Cannabis plant’s sex, it is usually necessary to wait until its flowering period, when it’s equivalent to its “adult age”.

In the first weeks of its maturation, the plant starts to grow pistils. Next, if it’s a female plant, it will then turn into flowers.

On the other hand, if it’s a male plane, it will develop stamens with pollen. And yet, there are plants that may develop both, in case they are hermaphrodites. 

Now you will understand exactly what are the structural differences among the male, hermaphrodite and female hemp plants.

The Female Hemp Plant

When the female hemp plant reaches the “adult” phase, it begins to develop pistils, which are hair-like structures. These, in turn, can be white or orange.

Later, they will turn into flowers, more precisely during the first weeks of the flowering phase.

The Male Plant

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Unlike the female plants, the males create visible small balls that look like bags inside the plants, rather than flowers.

Pollen is produced in this structure, which is known as the stamen.

The Hermaphrodite Plant 

You have a hermaphrodite plant when you can see both structures, the pistils and the stamens.

Thus, when it is mature, they can create flowers or pollinate females.

What is the use of the male and hermaphrodite plants?

In addition to different structures, male, female and hermaphrodite plants differ in utility.

So, if the intention of growing Cannabis sativa L. is to extract cannabinoids from the flowers developed by the hemp female plants, it is necessary to remove the male plants from the environment.

After all, the pollinated female plants do not give rise to flowers, but to seeds.

In addition, the hermaphrodite plant can also pollinate the females. Therefore, its removal from the environment is also recommended.

Although the male plants do not produce the marijuana flower, they have the important function of pollination, which makes sense if the grower’s intention is to have new strains, new seeds and testing different species.

Finally, both male and hermaphrodite are rich in fibre and can be used for industrial purposes, like hemp for:

  • Food production
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Medicines 
  • Cosmetics

It is also possible to take advantage of its cannabinoids, such as THCA, its fiber, and the vitamins present in the leaves.

How is the female hemp plant used?

For those willing to extract the therapeutic and/or medicinal components used in the manufacture of oils and medicines, as it happens at Happy Hemper, the female plants are the favourites.

After all, the main trichomes are concentrated in the flower. And, it is in this structure that the main cannabinoids such as cannabidiol, terpenes, terpenoids and other nutritive components develop.

However, the female plant does not only have the function of offering therapeutic components for the creation of CBD-based products.

In addition, they can also be used as a mother plant, giving rise to clones that are capable of perpetuating the crop.

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Now that you already know the differences and benefits of the male, female and hermaphrodite plants, how about getting some more knowledge about CBD-based products?

The substance has been increasingly adopted in the daily lives of thousands of people, who observe physical, mental and emotional benefits, such as pain relief and stress reduction.

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If you have any questions, please, share your comment! Let’s talk! 

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