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CBD for pets: all you need to know about

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You must have already heard about the benefits of CBD oil for humans, and how it can be used to improve different aspects of your health and well-being. However, is it the same for pets? Does CBD for pets offer benefits as well? 

Although you may see CBD readily available for pets, unfortunately there is not enough scientific research to testify that the use of CBD for pets is 100% beneficial for them.

But worry not! We are going to discuss other products derived from Cannabis sativa L. that are super suitable for our furry friends.

Can I offer CBD oil for pets?

The answer in short is no

In the United Kingdom, CBD oil for pets is not allowed by law. This is because the Veterinary Medicine Directory and the Food Standards Agency do not endorse it.

It is unanimous among veterinarians and the scientific community that the use of CBD for pets still needs more research and scientific evidence, not to put the health and well-being of pets at risk.

When we as humans use CBD, there is no standard dosage for every person as everyone is different and some may need more than others.

And for pets, as an owner, you would have to “guess” how much of the product to offer, taking the risk of causing your pet to suffer, as there is no standard safe dosage, considering there are different species and sizes.

Is hemp oil for pets an alternative?

cbd oil for pets - happy hemper

Now it is!

Unlike CBD oil, hemp seed oil products are safe for all-age pets.

Although they come from the same plant, hemp oil and CBD are two different things. Cannabinoids are absent in hemp seed oil which, on the other hand, is rich in various vitamin properties.

Thus, hemp seed oil is proven to have numerous benefits for pets, including vitamins, anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidants, and fatty acids.

Check the benefits list: 

  • Reduce arthritic pain
  • Reduce anxiety symptoms
  • Improve mobility and life quality
  • Ensure supplementation

Hints for incorporating hemp-based products into your pet’s routine

There are many ways to introduce hemp-based products into your pet’s life.

Some practical tips that can help you are:

  • Gift your pet with accessories made from hemp, such as toys, collars, leashes and clothes. Because it is sustainable, you contribute to the environment and your pet will look pretty stylish!
  • If you have a hyperactive pet, hemp oil can help them relax. You can gradually add hemp oil to their food.
  • In order to make your pet used to hemp oil’s taste and texture, add it to your pet’s favourite food. 
  • We know that ageing weakens the animal’s body and the daily use of hemp oil helps them with joint mobility and is rich in essential nutrients. In everyday life, you can drop the oil in your pet’s water or give it a hemp seed based snack. 
  • Anxiety caused by separation, stress and things like fireworks can also be common causes of animal suffering. A few drops before stimulating them, or some other activity, can help them to calm down
  • If you want to improve skin conditions, simply apply the oil to your pet’s skin and massage it.
  • If you are using the oil to treat a specific condition, we recommend consulting the veterinarian for guidance to achieve the expected therapeutic impact. 

The next step is to select the right product for your pet’s needs. 

Happy Hemper’s news for pets

Soon you will be able to get hemp-based products for your pet here at Happy Hemper! We are working to come up with amazing news for pets. 

Our pet box will contain a lot of high-quality products. So, stay tuned and do not miss out.

Did you like to know more about how to care for and improve your best friend’s life quality? Follow our blog and do not miss any news!

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