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CBD Daily: 4 ways to include it in your routine

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Adding CBD to your daily routine can offer many advantages for your physical, mental, and cognitive aspects. The best thing about this is that it is done in a 100% natural way. That is why it matters to be aware of how much CBD you can take daily.

In recent years, there has been enormous progress in research looking at products derived from cannabidiol (CBD).

However, the levels of misinformation and prejudice against the topic can still make people afraid or confused about where to start with CBD.

Here we want to explain how it is possible to improve your quality of life by adding cannabidiol to your routine.

What you should know about CBD

Before showing you how to use CBD on a daily basis, we should talk about this first.

First of all, you should know that CBD is just one of the main cannabinoids that make up the plant Cannabis sativa L. In actual fact there are more than 100 biologically active chemical substances called cannabinoids.

Second, if you didn’t know yet, the human body has an endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for controlling and contributing to factors such as appetite, mood, pain, and body inflammation.

But, after all, what does that mean? Well, this means that CBD interacts perfectly with the receptors in this system, positively impacting the responses of the human brain and body.

4 ways to use CBD daily

1. At meals

One of the simplest ways to use CBD on a daily basis is through cooking, adding the oil, and mixing it with food.

Recently new clinical research has claimed that the bioavailability of CBD improves by about four to five times when it is consumed with a high-fat meal.

Furthermore, research suggests that taking CBD with food improves the rate of absorption of CBD into target tissues.

If you take a look at The Little Hemper, you can find CBD infused gummies. You can also purchase the mug + tea combo and make your morning coffee or evening cup of CBD tea, that little bit more relaxing.

4. For body aches and pain relief

Topical treatments are those that can be applied directly to the skin to relieve muscle tension or pain.

In order to use it on a daily basis, you can invest in a CBD topical  and then rub it into the injured area. The relief will be practically momentary!

3. In beauty products or skincare routine

cbd for beauty or skincare - happy hemper

It is possible to add CBD to your daily beauty regime, thanks to a large number of products available on the market.

In this sense, topical use products are more common because they are easy to add to the skincare routine.

After all, they have a variety of forms, including CBD balms, gels, massage oils, cleansers, creams and even face masks.

Some are even antioxidants, acting directly to prevent and reduce allergies or age-related wrinkles, for example.

In addition, they help reduce scars, regulate the development of acne and have an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin.

As for pain relief, the secret to a CBD daily  skincare routine is to blend the oil with a moisturising lotion of your preference.

Now, check out some beauty products and skincare routines that you can find in Happy Hemper boxes:

  • Transdermal patches
  • Hair mask
  • Face cream
  • Soap
  • Heat balm
  • Body butter
  • Massage oil

4. For wellness and mental health

Including CBD into your daily routine can be essential for relaxing, improving your mood, and relieving your heart rate or levels of body pain started by emotional stress.

In 2021, 120 healthcare professionals working on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic participated in a survey, and they found that six out of ten patients who used CBD for anxiety treatment had an incidence decrease.

In addition, 50% of participants reported a decrease in depressive symptoms. The study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Thus, it is possible to obtain mental health benefits through oral applications or by dropping desired amount of CBD oil under the tongue.

Also, if you have a daily meditation ritual, Why not start by taking some CBD?

Aromatherapy is also therapeutic. So you can blend CBD oil with other essential oils in the diffuser.

How much CBD can you take daily? 

A common question for those who start to have CBD daily is how much of it they can take.

The answer is: it all depends!

The point is that people’s doses may vary because each person processes CBD in a different way.

However, small amounts of CBD are enough to start feeling its benefits.

So, it is recommended to start with a low dose such as 25 mg per day, and monitor the response. From 5 to 10 mg per day, which can be gradually increased until you find that ‘sweet spot’ of when you can feel the difference in whatever ailment you are using it for.

In recent research, high doses of 750 mg or 1500 mg twice a day have been examined. These high doses can maximise therapy results for a variety of ailments, particularly if ingested with food.

Now, many people wonder if it is possible to overdose on CBD and the answer is no.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), even in large doses, CBD does not cause harm or have the potential to become addictive.

Of course, if you want to start physical or mental health treatment, it is best to speak to a specialist who can provide you with an individualised treatment plan.

Choose Happy Hemper for your CBD daily routine

It is also very important to note that you should be using a highly regarded, high-quality product if you are willing to use CBD daily all of which you find in all of our products.

So please take the time to check out our range of Subscription Plans and Hempers, along with our own range to see what is best suited to incorporate into your life.

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